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  • 10-11-2022
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Short URL PHP Generate Firebase,In this example we will discuss how to make a URL short from a long URL using firebase, In this example, I just posted a PHP function, I made a shorten_URL() PHP function, and this function will return a short URL from the firebase server. First, you need to set up this function properly in your application, therefor first you must require your firebase account API key.

For Firebase Dynamic Links Shorten URL PHP, We must require a firebase API key, open your firebase google account and generate your API key, for getting a firebase API key you need to register your domain name and domina page and other additional details. after entering all the details you will get the API key from there.

To generate a short URL from a firebase account paste your API key in this function. Then after entering your prefix your domain name is in the function. then after putting your android info package name and ios bundled id in the function.

To get a Short URL from this PHP function using firebase, You are required to pass an argument in this function, The argument is a LONG URL. pass long URL in the function, This function will return a SHORT URL from the firebase server.

function shorten_URL($longUrl) {

     return Curl::to('{FIREBASE API KEY}')
          ->withHeader('Content-Type: application/json')
               'dynamicLinkInfo' => [
                    'domainUriPrefix' => '',
                    'link' => $longUrl,
                    'androidInfo' => [
                         'androidPackageName' => 'com.example'
                    'iosInfo' => [
                         'iosBundleId' => 'com.example'
               'suffix' => [
                    "option" => "SHORT"

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