Laravel 10 Forum Integration Tutorial Example

  • 20-03-2023
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Laravel Forum Integration Example; In this post, we will see how to integrate laravel forum in the laravel application, This post we will discuss and integrate by following step by step process.

We will discuss and Use of laravel forum. The official Laravel forum where you can ask questions, discuss Laravel-related topics and connect with the Laravel community

The laravel forum is dedicated to discussing Laravel-related topics and providing support for Laravel developers, So if you want to create your community topic and want to give suggestions and answers for helping the developer community. In this Laravel forum, you may create any type of open discussion topic and ask the community who engaged with it and any will answers as pers they experience also you may specify your topic priority specifying by color origin.

Forum laravel helps us to discuss any topic with amount large community who joined and chat with each other just by typing a message. So let's start integrating into the app with demonstration and coding examples. You may follow youtube videos in hind for more practical guidelines.

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Step 1. Install Laravel 10

Create a laravel 10 project, using the below-provided command in your terminal, skip this step if you already installed the laravel app, This command will install a new fresh laravel 10 app. Make sure your apache2 server is started.

composer create-project laravel/laravel laravel-forum

Step 2. Database Config

Now we will config the database, open your .env file you will see database credentials there. Go to your database and create a database and paste your database name in your .env file as given example. also, add your database username and password that you created earlier.


Step 3. Install Laravel 10

Now we will install "riari/laravel-forum" composer, this composer will install a composer package in the vendor file in our app. Copy this command answers paste it into your app terminal and hit enter, this will take some time to install and dump the app.

composer require riari/laravel-forum

Well!, Now open your app.php file, This config file is located in the config folder. You will see in the app.php file the "providers" array attribute. copy the below service provided and paste the provided array attribute just like the below given example.

'providers' => [

Now we will publish laravel forum assets using given below command, Open your app terminal and paste this command and hit enter. This command will generate asset files. It will be provided with a default configuration, which you may change or modify according to your requirement.

php artisan vendor:publish

Now we will migrate the table, and use the given command in your app terminal, This will add all default tables in your database.

php artisan migrate

Step 5. Make Authentication

Skip this step if you already make your custom authentication system or you have already auth login system in your app. To use "laravel forum" must be required auth user login.

Follow Laravel Breeze Tutorial Example and make an authentication system in your system, skip this step if you already make auth system in your app.

After successfully installing laravel breeze, run the given command, start your npm server, and install your npm package if you have not installed it. use the given above link and install the node module in your app.

npm run dev

Step 6. Start Server

Start the development server, use the given provided command, and start your local development server. This command will start your local development server, open your terminal and press this command.

php artisan serve

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