Laravel 10 Breeze Integration Tutorial Example

  • 14-03-2023
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Laravel Breeze; In this tutorial, we will see laravel Breeze how to install and how to LARAVEL BREEZE install composer. We will start learning from scratch and go to step by step integration process in the app. This is used for the authentication default system by the laravel. This is very simple to integrate into this post I will teach you, as well as I, will give a command guide that you have to press one by one.

Breeze Laravel is very simple to integrate for beginners or who want to integrate the best secure authentication system on the theme laravel 10 application.

Laravel Breeze is a lightweight authentication scaffolding package for Laravel that provides a simple starting point for building web applications with authentication. It is designed to be easy to use and configure, and provides a basic set of pre-built views and routes for login, registration, and password reset functionality.

Breeze is built on top of Laravel's built-in authentication system, which uses the popular PHP authentication library, Symfony Security. This means that it provides a secure and reliable authentication system out of the box, with features such as password hashing, session management, and CSRF protection.

Breeze supports several popular authentication providers, including email and password, GitHub, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft. It also includes support for two-factor authentication and API token authentication.

To use Breeze in a Laravel application, you can install it via Composer and then run a few simple commands to set it up. Once installed, you can customize the views and routes to fit your specific application requirements.

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Step 1. Clone Project

Create a new fresh laravel project, use the below command, and create a laravel 10 new fresh clone application, Skip this step if you already install the laravel app.

composer create-project laravel/laravel example-app

Step 2. Database Add


Step 2. Install Breeze Composer

Now we will install "laravel/breeze" composer in our application, use the given below command in your app command prompt and install composer, this will install some core library files in our application.

composer require laravel/breeze

Now we will install breeze in the app, this will be installed by invoking he breeze:install command with no extra additional arguments.

php artisan breeze:install

After Breeze's scaffolding is installed, we will migrate our database table in the database.

php artisan migrate

Install npm in the application, use the given command, and press in your app terminal, this command will install the node module in your application.

npm install

Run npm using the given command, this command will run your node, press the command and run the npm on with our application.

npm run dev

Step 3. Start Server

Open another terminal with your app, we will start the local development server, run provided command, and serve your app's local development server.

php artisan serve

Run the below URL in your web browser, you will see the login screen, goto registration, and then log in, you can update your profile after that and also forget your password using Laravel Breeze.


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