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  • 24-04-2022
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Laravel Mail send is one of the best tool in the web technology of PHP, Laravel providing easy to send email even you can send multiple mail although, Laravel mailing is easy to send and easy to understanding for the developer.

In this post we will learn how to send mail using in Laravel mail, for sending mail we need to set little config in the environment file - .env.

There are many way to send mail like 1. Laravel mail 2. other with the library file.

However we can easy to send multiple mail without hassles also email template load from blade file we can easy to design html template in blade file and make it styles and send the mail with best template.

In blade file you can easy to pass data and make it dynamic template also.

Also we can send attachment with mail template.

In this example we are using gmail email service provider but apart from this there are many service provider available in the market for Laravel sending mail.

Email service provider in the market.

  • Gmail
  • Sendmail
  • Mailgun
  • Sendgrid
  • Postmark
  • Amazon SES

But here we are using gmail service provider it's free to use.

Here i would like to say if you still not clone the Laravel project please clone the Laravel project here below link given.

Clone Laravel

Step 1 : Set config

After clone the laravel goto project and open .env file, Here you can see below config in in your.env file.

MAIL_FROM_NAME="${APP_NAME}" // name which you want to show mail receiver

Above configuration you can see in your environment file by default laravel giving us mailtrap for testing mail but we will use google gmail service.

If you send an email from Gmail account then you have to change configuration in your gmail account below given.

  • Enable 2-step verification in your gmail account.
  • Other one is enable lower restriction in your gmail account.

Step 2 : Clear Cache

After changing the .env file it may happen that your file may not work proper or work with old configuration, so we will clear cache in environment file for better practice.

php artisan config:cache 

After thet you can create controller or you can direct run the route for send mail.

Step 3: Create controller

But here we will create controller for send the email with different example.

php artisan make:controller SendMailController --plain

Once you create controller set route in web.php for SendMailController

Step 4 : Define route



This will redirect to SendMailController sendMail method.

Step 5 : SendMailController

In this controller we will define the the different method of send mail like simple mail, template mail, attachment mail etc.



namespace App\Http\Controllers;
use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use App\User;
class HomeController extends Controller
    public function simpleMail()
      $name = ['name' => ''];
      Mail::send(['text'=>'mail'], $name, function($message) {
        $message->to('', '')
        ->subject('Test Mail');

      dd('Mail successfully sended');

    public function htmlTemplateMail()
      $name = ['name' => ''];
      Mail::send('template.mail', $name, function($message) {
        $message->to('', '')
        ->subject('Test template Mail');

      dd('Mail successfully sended');

    public function attachmentMail()
      $name = ['name' => ''];
      Mail::send('template.mail', $name, function($message) {
        $message->to('', '')
        ->subject('Test template Mail');

      dd('Mail successfully sended');

Above is the example of different mail sending like simple text mail, html template mail, or with attachment mail etc.

Step 6 : Create Blade file

For sending template mail we need to create blade file in resources

Goto resources/views and create template folder, after create the template folder make a blade file with the name of mail.blade.php


Hello, Good Morning Mr.{{ $data->name }} 

Above is the email send which will show in the html template, In this template you can make styles html for user more attractive from mail template.

Step 7 : Run the laravel project

Goto your command promote and then go your project path and hit the below command.

php artisan server

Once start the server you can hit the different url for receive different mail.


Well, now you can check your mail address you will receive mail in your inbox.

Apart from that laravel also providing laravel queue mail, In that email will set in queue and send mail one by one

I hope this mail tutorial help you to reach to send mail.

Thank You for read the post.

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