[Fixed] Binary Does Not Exist Laravel

  • 12-08-2022
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  • Laravel 9
  • Haresh Chauhan

binary does not exist; binary does not exist in laravel, If you are getting this error while you working with the "anam/phantommagick" package in laravel for the convert pdf to image file or any other development, That time you get this type of error.

The reason for this error is, You not getting a binary path for the execute command line from your laravel application, So in this case, we need to define a binary path ourselves.

First, we will download the exe file from the official site link below given in the step just download a file from there and give a path to the binary method.

Download Extension

First, We will download the extension file from the below-given link, Just click on the below link you will redirect to the download page. Then after downloading suitable your system from there. Download PhantomJS After downloaded, put any of directory of your system. and copy file path inside the bin folder.

Error : You need to install the imagick extension to use this back end

Install Composer (If Not Installed)

composer require anam/phantommagick

Give Binary Path

Give your binary path to your "Converter" class using the "setBinary" method, inside.

In my case my "phantomjs.exe" file is inside my c drive, So I given that path.

$conv = new \Anam\PhantomMagick\Converter();


You can also put that exe file inside your project and give a path something like the below-given example.

$conv = new \Anam\PhantomMagick\Converter();

    ->setBinary(base_path() . "/phantomjs-2.0.0-windows/bin/phantomjs.exe")

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