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Loop variable laravel blade file use tips, while you iterate through the @foreach loop in the blade file, you may also use the $loop variable inside the @foreach property statement. This $loop variable will give you additional information about the loop, You may use this $loop variable with a different intent.

So in this post, we will take a little lesson on how the foreach loop directives statement is used in the blade file. we will also show different statements and uses.

The Loop Variable

While you iterate through a @foreach loop in the blade file, a $loop variable will be available inside of the @foreach loop. This variable provides you with some useful information such as the current loop index or a number of a loop whether the first time or last time looping iteration through the $loop variable.

@foreach ($users as $user)
    @if ($loop->first)
        This is the first iteration.

    @if ($loop->last)
        This is the last iteration.

    <p>This is user {{ $user->id }}</p>

If you are using nested looping, you may access your parent loop using the $loop variable via the parent property.

@foreach ($users as $user)
    @foreach ($user->posts as $post)
        @if ($loop->parent->first)
            This is the first iteration of the parent loop.

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Some $loop variable useful contains a variety of properties :

Property Description
$loop->index The index of the current loop iteration (starts at 0).
$loop->iteration The current loop iteration (starts at 1).
$loop->remaining The iterations remaining in the loop.
$loop->count The total number of items in the array being iterated.
$loop->first Whether this is the first iteration through the loop.
$loop->last Whether this is the last iteration through the loop.
$loop->even Whether this is an even iteration through the loop.
$loop->odd Whether this is an odd iteration through the loop.
$loop->depth The nesting level of the current loop.
$loop->parent When in a nested loop, the parent's loop variable.

Loop Statment Laravel

In this additional conditional loop statement in the laravel blade file. Laravel blade provides a simple directive for working with the PHP's core loop structure. Again, each of these directives functions identically to their PHP counterparts by looping a single time.

@for ($i = 0; $i < 10; $i++)
    The current value is {{ $i }}

@foreach ($users as $user)
    <p>This is user {{ $user->id }}</p>

@forelse ($users as $user)
    <li>{{ $user->name }}</li>
<p>No users</p>

@while (true)
    <p>I'm looping forever.</p>

Directive Declaration

You may skip the current iteration or end of the loop using the @continue statement and @break statement in the current loop. see the below example.

@foreach ($users as $user)
@if ($user->type == 1)

<li>{{ $user->name }}</li>

@if ($user->number == 5)

You can also use directive declaration instead of @if condition in the foreach loop. This directive statement will identify the current loop.

@foreach ($users as $user)
    @continue($user->type == 1)
    <li>{{ $user->name }}</li>
    @break($user->number == 5)

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