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  • 29-03-2022
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In this post, I will give you easy steps on how to create a custom helper function file in Laravel 6. I will give some step by step instructions of what is the procedure to create a custom helper function in the Laravel 6 application. As we know Laravel 6 also provides Helper function for SEO META, URL, ARRAY, Path and you can create common function.

You can create a one-time helper function and multiple times You can use the same code. So it's helper function is the best way to use everywhere same code. Now let's Create Laravel 6 Custom Helper function By Using the following steps. If you want to use Laravel 6 Custom Helper function in your project then you have to follow just 3 steps and use it as per your requirements.

Step 1 : Here, we require to create Helpers.php File

In this step we need to create app/Helpers.php file and put below code.


function status($val){
    if($val == 1):
        echo $active = 'Active';
        echo $deactive = 'Deactive';

function gender($data) {
    if($data == 0):
        return 'Male';
        return 'Female';

function chackeAuth(){
    return \Auth::guard('frontuser')->check()?TRUE:FALSE;

function getCurrencyData($currency_code) {
    $currency_symbols = array(
        'EUR'=>['name' => 'Euro', 'symbol'=>'€', 'hex'=>'€'],
        'USD'=>['name' => 'US Dollar', 'symbol'=>'$', 'hex'=>'$'],
        'INR'=>['name' => 'Indian Rupee', 'symbol'=>'₹', 'hex'=>'₹'],
    $data = $currency_symbols[$currency_code];
    return $output = (object) $data;

Step 2 : Put Helper.php File Path In composer.json File

Here, We require to set Helper.php file path on composer.json So, Now open composer.json put bellow code into file.


"autoload": {

    "classmap": [

    "psr-4": {
        "App\\": "app/"

    "files": [

Step 3 : Run Command

In this step we require to run below command.

composer dump-autoload

Laravel 6 Custome Helper function Ready for run So,Now you can access Helper file function anywhere.


{{ status(1) }}

// Active

{{ getCurrencyData('INR')->name }}

// Indian Rupee

I hope this Laravel 6 Custom helper function example it can be helpful for you.


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