Call to undefined function Gregwar\Captcha\imagecreatetruecolor()

  • 21-09-2022
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  • Laravel 9
  • Haresh Chauhan

Call to undefined function Gregwar\Captcha\imagecreatetruecolor(); Fix this error by editing the php.ini file in your apache server, If you are running a more recent version of PHP like version 8.0.0 or more, because of this you are facing this error.

Open your php.ini file which is located in php/php.ini, Open this file in your editor and edit. make sure that the line exists. if not then add this line according to the version and php.ini file. It has ; remove the semi-colon.

PHP VERSION 8.0.0 OR NEWER, You need to add this line to the php.ini file. In this cash, if the extension is not available in your file then copy and past into your file.


Older PHP version developers need to use the below-given extension in your php.ini file. as if not available extension just copy and add it to your file.

Restart Apache Server

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